Patti is from a real southern family. She was born in Savannah Ga. Her daddy was from a small town near Homerville ga called Fargo Ga.  Patti always said her father was so special - his parents died when he was 9 years old. He was raised on the Okefenokee swamp. Pattis mama came from a small town near Waycross Ga, she was a strong sweet southern woman. She was raised was strong southern values and was all about family. Patti was one of eight children her parents had. Her father worked six days a week to take care of the family. And as long as Patti can remember she was at bible study every Sunday. Patti was married at 17 and raised four wonderful children and has three grand babies that she adores.

​​Pattis company is very different from other companies,  shes sales all her jobs personally. she comes with her crew and even works and makes sure you are very pleased when the job is completed. Each and every customer Patti has is very special to her heart. Pattis family sometimes works with her on her jobs. She says everyone smiles and we all feel very blessed to work together. 

​​ All the wood on Pattis jobs is free for anyone who needs it. Call Pattis Tree Service today! She loves her customers and, if in the neighborhood she will stop by and have a glass of sweet tea on your back porch just to chat and say hello. Patti listens and wants to talk to you. 

Call the Tree Lady! Her low prices can't be beat! She will try her best to compete with other job estimates and she would rather make less money and have your business then not have your business at all!

Patti knows the tree business, she's a professional and will always leave you with a warm smile and little hug.  Call the Tree Lady today! ​​​​

Pattis Tree Service